Conference App

Conference App Now Available for 2019 ICMA Annual Conference

The 2019 ICMA Annual Conference App gives attendees access to the conference schedule, speaker information, floor plans, exhibitor details, conference session evaluations, as well as tools to connect with other attendees.

The application is designed to work with your iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and other Mobile Web devices. To download to your device, follow these instructions:

1. Click either the Google Play (Android) or the iTunes App Store (Apple) below to download the app.



2. To find, use the keywords: “ICMA Meetings,” “ICMA Mtgs,” “ICMA,” or “International City/ County Management Association.”

3. Once installed, log in with the email address (UserName) and password you use to access If you do not have an account with, create a new account to access the app.

4. Periodically click on the sync button to upload any changes that are made.

Use the Conference Mobile App to:

Build your personal daily schedule.

Plan your day by selecting sessions from the schedule, or events in the exhibit hall.

Receive reminders and updates.

Keep an eye on your home screen to see important messages, upcoming events, or notifications about sessions that are about to start.

Engage and network.

Read more about speakers and exhibitors, share information about the conference via Twitter, or Facebook, and more!

Find what you are looking for. 

Use the search, filters, and floor plans to find sessions, speakers, attendees and exhibitors more easily.

Personalize the event program.

Select sessions, attendees, and exhibitors to create your favorites in the MySchedule to create a quick reference to your schedule, contacts, booths, and Nashville activities.

Take notes. 

Make the most of your app and take notes about sessions, speakers, and exhibitors right in their profile. At the end of the event, you can easily export all notes and starred items via email.

Complete session evaluations. 

Use the session survey tool to share your thoughts about the session.

Conference app tips:
  • Explore everything the app has to offer – simply try out all the buttons to see what they do.
  • Use filters to only see items that are pertinent to you. Be sure to turn the filter back off in order to view the full conference schedule.
  • Take notes on any item and export all notes in an email after the event.
  • Sync the app periodically to receive the most up to date information, handouts and attendee list. 

Is Your Phone Compatible with the App?

Frequently Asked Questions

To download the mobile app, search “ICMA” in your app store or plug into your device’s browser. If you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Android, you will be directed to where you can download the appropriate native app. If you are using a blackberry or tablet you will be directed to use the HTML5 version of the app using your browser. *Even if you have the 2018 Mobile App on your device, you will need to download the new version to get this year’s content.

Is your device connected to the Internet? You must have a working Internet connection to download and install the app.

Check with the person that set up the phone for you what the username and password are to access the app store. If you cannot retrieve your password, please use the web version of the app by plugging into your device’s browser.

Use the web app by entering in your browser address bar.

Use the same login credentials you use for accessing (Email/Password). If you do not remember your password, select “reset password” from the login screen.

If you don’t have an login…

If you’ve never logged into, create a new account and follow the onscreen instructions before trying to access the app.

The best way to search the App is to tap the magnifying glass icon on the top tool bar of the Main Screen.

Several sections of the App enable you to check the box next to an item to add that item to your personal MySchedule Lists.  For example, if you check the box next to any item on the Schedule, that item will appear on your MySchedule List.


Select events, sessions etc. in the schedule section of the app.

  • If you have personal meetings you’d like to add to your schedule, go to MySchedule icon and select MySchedule, there you can add appointments that do not appear in the master schedule.
  • If you’ve created personal appointments on, the app will not pick up those appointments. You will need to recreate the personal events on the app.
  • If you are using multiple devices, make sure you sync all devices after making changes to your schedule. This will ensure that your changes are updated on all devices.
  • If you select a ticketed event that requires preregistration and you have not already registered for the event, you will get an error message to call customer service and register first.
  • This feature synchronizes with our online Full Agenda. You can enter items online or in the app and they will appear in both. Synchronization takes place every 60 minutes.

*This feature is for conference registrants only. If you are not registered for the event, you can browse the schedule and view the handouts but cannot build a personal schedule.

Select the Attendees Icon. Use sort by Last Name or by State to find your colleagues.  Use the filter feature to narrow down attendees by State or Country. Please note when using Sort by State, some international attendees will not be categorized by State and will appear at the top of the list under the heading International.

  • Sessions and Speakers: Select the Schedule Icon. Click on the Session Title. Tap the Survey Icon. Respond to the survey by selecting About the Session & About the Speakers
  • Feedback Regarding the Mobile App: Click on the Survey icon (2nd page of icons) and respond to the questions.

Go to the session and select the handout icon. The app will require login in to view the handouts. Use your login.

To get the latest event info, tap the sync icon in the top tool bar of the Main Screen.  You should have a good internet connection when synching the App.

  • If you make updates on your device, sync the app after entering the changes to make sure the server receives the new information for all your devices.
  • If you make updates on your device, the personal MySchedule on will be automatically updated.
  • If you make updates to the personal MySchedule on your mobile device will be updated within one hour.

If you have an additional question, tap the Help icon or email us at Include your device type + operating system and as many details about your question as possible.