ICMA has registered with the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) to provide Certification Maintenance (CM) credits. AICP members can earn CM credits for approved programs at the ICMA Annual Conference.

Visit APA to Claim Credits

A note within the session description indicates the number of AICP-CM credits that can be earned by attending these sessions.
Generally, credits are earned as follows: 0.5 for a 30-minute session, 1.0 for a 60-minute session, etc.

Session Credit Value
Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 2.0
An Economic Shift Through Partnerships and Innovation 0.5
Attainable Workforce Housing for your Community 1.0
Balancing Act: The Preservation + Growth of a Culturally Diverse Community 1.0
Brownfields and Economic Development – A Resource Roadmap 1.0
Business Data in your Area to Help you Make Data Driven Decisions 0.5
Climate Change Doesn’t Discriminate, but your Sustainability Plan Might 1.0
Climate Change – Stories from the Front Line 1.0
Climate Change – Threat and Opportunity 1.0
Community Recovery Through Collective Impact & Transformational Government 1.0
Crisis Response Unit: A Community’s Crisis is Our Crisis 1.5
Develop Local Policy Using Gameful Design in Equity-Based Civic Engagement 2.0
Engage Communities in Long Range Planning – Creative & Effective Strategies 1.0
Equitably Engaging the Public in Sustainability 1.0
Equity in Transportation Fees, Fines, and Fares 1.0
Equity in your Jurisdiction: Where to Start? How to Scale? 1.0
FASTER: Building Economic Resilience in Small & Minority-Owned Businesses 1.5
From Planning to Doing 0.5
From Sleepy to Chic: Making Main Street Cool 1.0
Going Where Redevelopment Leads You – Capitalizing on GA Film Industry Boom 1.0
How to Ensure Today’s Challenges Lead to Vibrant Downtown Economies 1.0
Improving Equity in Public Participation 1.0
Leveraging the Budget Process for Equity Based Transformation 1.0
Leveraging Your Assets Off: Facilitating Economic Development in Challenging Conditions 1.5
Making Space in the Organization for Bold City Planning 0.5
North Beach: A Small Community Against the Rising Tide 1.0
Strategic Conflict Management 2.0
Technological and Sustainable Solutions for a Livable Community 0.5
The What’s, Why’s and How’s of Community Engagement 1.0
Tiny Homes – Bridging the Journey from Shelter to Permanent Housing 1.0
Use Code Enforcement and Neighborhood Services to Revitalize Neighborhoods 1.0
Why and How to Attract Remote Workers to your Community 1.0