Registration and Housing for the 2022 ICMA Annual Conference is Now Open

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Register for the 2022 ICMA Annual Conference

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Here’s Why You Should Bring Your Team to the 2022 ICMA Annual Conference

Attending a conference as a team can increase your chances of walking away with tactics that can drive your local government’s success. With more staff members from your team attending the 2022 ICMA Annual Conference, you’ll be sure to maximize your learning, as well as build your team unity, relevant skills, and fun!

ICMA’s Annual Conference delivers incredible value to teams looking for leading ideas in local government. With our group rate, even nonmembers who are part of your team can benefit from the group rate discount!

How It Works:

  • Team registrations are available for five (5) or more attendees.
  • Each participant will receive 15% off their applicable registration rate.
  • Registrations can be processed simultaneously online by one individual from your organization.
  • The Team registration process will allow you to locate members of your organization in our database, or you can create new records if you are not able to locate your colleagues in the system.

Once the team registrations are completed and paid for, each member of the team will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will contain a link to each person’s registration profile. If you would like to check on the ICMA membership status of any individual, please feel free to contact

If you encounter any other issues with your team registrations, please contact for assistance.

Need Help?

We are here for you if you need anything. If you have any questions regarding registration or housing, please contact