Special Discount for New Members

If you have been considering joining ICMA and/or attending the Annual Conference, join ICMA between July 14-October 1, register for the 2021 ICMA Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon and Digital and get half off your first year’s dues (a savings up to $700).

Join, Go and Save Now!

Why join now?

Because we want you to consider a longer-term investment in your career and your community, and make it easier for you to join and attend the largest gathering of local government professionals in the U.S. Now is the perfect time to join a community that advances professional local government through leadership, management, innovation, and ethics. ICMA is dedicated to creating and supporting thriving communities throughout the world. This special discount offer gives you:

  • First-year membership dues at 50% off, a savings of up to $700, for new members.
  • Conference registration rate for members of $720 (through August 31), a savings of $720 off the nonmember rate; after August 31, that registration rate is $790.

(These rates apply to the in-person event, visit the registration page for the digital event rates and deadlines.)

During the Conference, you will experience the best of ICMA—learn new skills, explore new products and services, and connect with people who will enhance your career. The conference is an exceptional value for members and nonmembers alike.

Join, Go and Save Now!

What’s in it for you?

Becoming an ICMA Member gives you access to dozens of membership benefits throughout the year and you’ll join a community of committed and enthusiastic local government professionals at the 2021 ICMA Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon and Digital where there is a wide range of opportunities for you to engage with the people who “speak your language” and face the same challenges day-to-day that you do.

With ICMA membership, you will join a community of local government professionals, dedicated to providing essential services that ensure the quality of life for their communities. The ICMA Annual Conference is the most visible platform for understanding the value of ICMA, but your annual membership offers ongoing learning and networking opportunities that benefit your career, your community, and the local government management profession. The ICMA Annual Conference is a one-of-a-kind networking and learning opportunity that thousands of local government managers consistently rate as an exceptional professional development experience not to be missed!

How to Join, Go and Save in 2 Easy Steps

  1. Visit the website and complete the online join application.
  2. Return to the conference website and register! Use discount code CONF21.

(You must enter the code CONF21 in the Discount box at checkout to receive the special rate. Code CONF21 is case sensitive. More details.)

This special offer is contingent upon your registration for the 2021 ICMA Annual Conference, otherwise you will be invoiced for the remaining dues balance.

To maximize your savings, join by August 31. This special offer ends, October 1, 2021 for the in-person event.

Questions? For information about ICMA membership visit icma.org/join or contact ICMA Member Services at membership@icma.org or 800-745-8780.

Join, Go and Save Now!