Join us in Portland or digitally via the comfort of your home or office for an abundance of content relevant to local government professionals.

With more than 150 education sessions, keynotes, trailblazer speakers, roundtables, workshops, mobile workshops, and solutions stage sessions, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn from and with your peers, industry professionals, and others, too! Session topics will focus on:

Career Support

Strategies and programs to support you in your career, regardless of your career stage. Resources for maintaining your personal and mental health will also be covered.

Civic Health and Cohesion

Develop strategies to overcome divisions within your community. Also included are ways to develop civic leaders among your community members.

Community Economic Transformation and Resiliency

Creative community partnerships bringing economic success to communities.

Community Engagement

Best practices to strengthen communication and engagement across your community.

Emergency Management

Trends in responding to emergencies within the community, from civil unrest to natural disasters.


A core component of ICMA’s mission statement. Promoting an ethical culture is a key leadership responsibility, and ethically run organizations inspire trust in the community.

Finance and Budgeting

The fundamentals of local government finance; covering pensions, revenue generation, and more.

Future of Service Delivery

COVID-19 forced municipalities to re-think the delivery of services; what will continue as a norm, learn new ways to deliver services to the community.

Future of the Profession

The profession is ever-changing; consider what the future holds and lessons learned from the past.


Build your leadership skills, which are critical in successfully maintaining resilient and livable communities.

Policing and Public Safety

Focus on improving policing and public safety services to better serve the members of the community safely.

Racial Equity and Social Justice

Identify programs and services that will improve and affirm human dignity and quality of life for all members of the community.

Small Communities

Sessions will focus on building skills and developing services and strategies unique to smaller communities.

Technology/Smart Cities

Technology has greatly changed the way we work, as well as our ability to provide services to residents. Learn about cybersecurity, keeping your technology safe, and keeping up with the latest tech trends.

Workforce Management

Develop skills to manage and support your team, those working in the office, as well as the growing remote workforce.