Speaker Requirements:

  • Log into the Speaker Management System using the link and password included in the speaker invitation email sent from conferenceteam@icma.org.
  • Due Immediately:
    1. Accept or reject the invitation to speak
    2. Sign the speaker agreement
  • Due by Monday, May 2:
    1. Confirm or update your profile information (this information will be used on the conference website and the conference app)
    2. Review or update your biography
    3. Update or upload your photo if one is missing
    4. Update the session description, if necessary
    5. Update the session title
  • Due by Monday, August 15:
    1. Upload presentation slides
      • Download the PowerPoint template, which must be used for all sessions containing a presentation.
      • Session types that may use PowerPoint include:
        • Expert Lectures
        • Panel Discussions
        • Workshops
      • Session types that may NOT use PowerPoint include:
        • Ask Me Anything
        • My Cheat Sheet
        • Roundtable
        • The Moment When or World Cafes
        • AV equipment will not be available in these session rooms.
    2. Upload handout materials (if any are being provided)
      • Please note ICMA will make these handouts available to attendees electronically.  If you wish to print copies to bring with you, you are welcome to do so.
    3. Agree to the copyright permissions task (you may not use copyrighted materials without written consent from the original author).
    4. Complete the question about other languages you speak
  • Adhere to the deadlines set by ICMA and respond to inquiries regarding your session in a timely manner.
  • Speaker trainings were held via zoom in February. Contact conferenceteam@icma.org for a recording of your session type’s training.
  • AV equipment will be available in session rooms for Expert Lectures, Panel Discussions and Workshops.  The equipment will include a computer, screen and projector, podium with microphone, head table for 4 speakers with 2 microphones and an aisle microphone for questions/comments from the attendees.
  • Speakers should show up early and prepared for your session. You will be asked to check-in at the Speaker Ready Room in Columbus.
  • The conference is planned as an in-person event.  You should plan to present in the meeting room in Columbus.

Session Information

  • Sessions will be scheduled between Saturday, September 17 and Wednesday, September 21.
  • You will be assigned to a session slot in the Spring.
  • It is possible we will live-stream and/or record some of the sessions in Columbus to share with digital conference attendees.
  • Please note that presentation and panel sessions should allow at least 15-20 minutes for Q&A.


  • You must be registered for the conference prior to reserving a hotel room!
  • All speakers must register for the conference and pay the applicable registration fee.
  • Registration and housing will open in early May.