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IGSA’s City Perspective

Recycling is Still Broken

Mission Impossible: Serving the Underserved in India

Preparing for the Next Recession

NREL Resilience Analysis & Partnerships with Local Governments

Alternative Approaches to Achieving Community Objectives Through Building Department Services

Economic Development 2.0: The Role of Technology in Today’s Economic Development Process

The Unique Rewards and Challenges of Managing Smalls Towns

Assistants’ Luncheon

Are You A First-Time Administrator?

Highlights and Hurdles in Hamlets: Importance of Community Engagement

Beyond Diversity: An Inclusive Workforce for the 21st Century

Bought In? Does the Support of Some Internal Stakeholder Groups Matter More Than Others to Strategic Implementation Success?

Building Your Leadership Muscle: Thinking Differently About Your Path Forward

Rediscovering the Value of Public Service in Local Government: Eldon Fields Colloquium

Highlights and Hurdles in Hamlets

The Global Recycling Crisis: How Local Governments Can Respond?

What Drives You Nuts?

How to Engage Residents in Sustainability Initiatives

Rebuilding Civic Infrastructure

Fostering a Culture of Innovation & Collaboration

Analysis of Approaches to Job Creation in South African Municipalities

Pragmatic Municipalism: US Local Governments’ Responses to Fiscal Stress

Kerner Commission (And Fair Housing Act) at 50

Tactical Urbanism: Transforming Public Spaces Through Low-Cost Temporary Changes

Online Sales and Bed N’ Breakfast Taxes in Tennessee

Self-Care is a Super Power!

The Future of the Profession

No Nonsense: A Regional Approach in Belgium

Building a Culture of Unshakeable Security

A National and Personal Apology

Driving the Force of Women in Municipal Management: The 16/50 Project

Coaching Your Key Talent to Stay and Deliver Their Best

Finding True North: The Athenian Project Handout

True Cost for Sustainability and Impact: Knowing Your Indirect Cost and How to Calculate

Crowdsourcing Input Using Resident Panels

Civic Capital: Your Community’s Problem-Solving Capacity

The MTAS Model

Big Arts, Little City: How the City of Reno Has Transformed Through Arts and Culture Investment

Community Conversations About Housing: Dialogue, Not Debate

Integrating Hazard Mitigation with Watershed Planning and Nature-Based Approaches

Inclusive Cities

Art in Nashville Communities: A Glance at Metro Arts’ Thrive Funding Program

From Disaster to Development: Our Town’s Journey to the Future

Project Care: Clean Affordable Renewable Energy

Kansas City Region: Age-Friendly City Experience

Cultivate a Happier and Engaged Community Through Transformed Digital Solutions

Innovation in the Fire and Rescue Service

How to Collaborate with Your Chief to Conduct a Police Department Review

How to Be Family Friendly in the Workplace

Successful Public-Private Real Estate Development Process

PRISM: Aligning Employee Performance to Organizational Goals in an Electronic Format

The City or Town as a Classroom: Lessons in Partnering with Local Universities

Participatory Transparency in Kenya: Beanstalks or Rickety Ladders?

Surviving City Management – The Partners’ Stories

American Community Survey

Automation in Local Government

How Stevns Municipality Benefits from Flextrafik

Leading with Love

Data-Driven Crisis Management in Dayton, OH

A Process for Building Public Trust

Could It Be Your Turn?

What We Have is a Failure to Deliberate: Reframing City Management as Deliberative Practice

Strategic Sanitation Solutions

The Key to Becoming a Data-Driven City: Using Technology to Understand Resident Feedback, Crisis Manage, and Make Data-Driven Solutions

Just Beyond the Campus

Transition to Data.Census.Gov

Security of Land Tenure & Liveable Habitat for Informal Slum Dwellers

Everything You Wanted to Know About Cyber Risk

Determining if a Development is Worth a Public Investment

Leading Through Tragedy

Cultivating Trust in the Digital Age

The Future of How, When, and Where We Work

Leadership ICMA 2019

This is Your Future, Too! Engaging Everyone in Visioning

Inclusivity in Urban Governance

Homegrown Heroes

The Balancing Act of of Being a Parent and Chief Executive

Emerging Regulatory Arenas: Governing for the Future

Building a Community Resilience Tool for the U.S. EPA

Census 2020: Building Civic Engagement and Community Networks

Decision-Making During a Crisis

Preparing for the Next Recession

Giving New Life to Old Records in Plymouth County, MA

Are You Ready for Some Socratic Challenges & The Athenian Project?

Strengthening Libraries as Community & Entrepreneurial Hubs 

The Unique Rewards and Challenges of Managing Small Towns

Tools for Trust

The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Solve Public Sector Problems

Planning for Aging: Promising Practices

Madame Presidents Colloquium: Resilient Leadership

Ukiah’s New Budget Story: Using Tech to Simplify and Improve

Building Cultural Competency: Tribal-City-County Cooperation

A Planning Template for Emergency Technology

Cultivating a Culture to Minimize Potential for Water Quality Challenges

Finding True North in a Polarized World

Ecosystem Service Valuation to Support Restoration

Planning and Promoting Solar Energy

Community Engagement in Developing A Form-Based Codes

The Future of America’s First Suburbs

Capacity Building in Performance Management: Experiences of Small and Mid-Sized Cities

Lessons Learned: Navigating Your Worst Day at Work

What to Do When Your Retail Recruitment Efforts Are Stuck

Best Practices to Bring Solar to Low- and Middle-Income Communities

Harnessing Innovation for Lifelong Communities

How the Federal Government Can Help Your Community Tackle the Opioid Crisis

Kerrville Solar Partners

Personal Strategic Planning

Income Disparity in Youth Sports: Why Creating Equity & Inclusion is Important to Health & Society

What Happened in Flint: A Provider’s Perspective

How to Use Disaster Funds to Maximize Recovery: Lessons Learned from City Managers and the Former FEMA Administrator on How to Own Your Recovery

Optimizing Economic and Financial Outcomes for Parks and Recreation Assets

Up to the Challenge: Communities Deploy Solar in Underserved Markets

Calculating the Economic and Other Value of Parks: An Innovative New Approach

Enviroatlas: A Tool to Inform Environmental Restoration, Ecosystems Services , and Community Revitalization

Podcasting Your Story

Laying the Foundation: Fundamentals for First-Time Managers and Administrators

How to Be Family Friendly in the Workplace

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